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PVC-U is one of the most popular finishes due to its durability and low maintenance costs. This finish is hard to distinguish from real wood due to a special synthetic surface layer which is added for extra effect. The beauty of PVC-U is that you can mix and match your finishes to match existing interior and exterior windows and doors.

A real wood finish can add that extra touch of luxury and class.  Dual finishes are available, allowing for beautiful real wood exteriors with a PVC-U finish on the inside to complement interior designs. A real wood finish is favoured by those who desire a distinctive, elegant look. The wood can be pre-treated to the colour you require, such as mahogany or golden oak.


An Aluminium finish creates a practical, contemporary feel to all types of conservatory and can be painted almost any colour you request. The finish is blemish free and the strongest available. You can relax knowing that your conservatory will withstand the test of time and will require hardly any maintenance. An aluminium finish is ideal for those who want a long lasting building knowing it will continue to add value to their home in future years.